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Hi there, my name is Samantha and I am the head and hands behind Pooka Doodles. I would like to say a quick thank you for visiting my website!

What is Pooka Doodles, you may ask? Well on a late night, spur of the moment trip to IKEA to get my new crafting space furniture, I asked my boyfriend what should I call this little venture of mine. To which he responded almost instantaneously "Pooka Doodles"! And just like that I had a name for my soon to be creative outlet.

Whilst Pet Pawtraits are my most popular form of artwork, I haven't always been a painter. I started my creative journey as a very small child loving anything arts and crafts related. I then went on to further my knowledge in the subjects at high school and for my A-Levels, finally deciding to go to Leeds College of Art to study Fashion Design. For a long time, my passion was to pursue a career within fashion and I did for a few years, as an assistant buyer for menswear in a very large company. It was then I realised I wanted to be involved with something more creative which has led me to my current job, working as a Junior Buyer for an art supply store.

I am slowly building up my portfolio of products including Pet Pawtraits, Digital House Illustration and hopefully I will soon be adding few more strings to my bow.


Thank you for visiting my website, please have a look around and if you have any queries or comments, please be sure to head on over to the contact section of the website. Don't forget to go and give me a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope to hear from you soon! xo